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Nurturing ethical recruitment across Asia

Expanding the Fair Model

The Problem

Often employers are uninformed about exploitative recruitment. Even when employers are concerned about forced labour, they face limited or no options to avoid worker placement fees.

As one large hospitality group in the Middle East told us: “We are very cautious when hiring out of certain markets and try to ensure that there is no fee... Unfortunately, we still find that some agencies force payments out of applicants without our knowledge, and [workers] have to pay back several months of salary to recruitment agencies.”

The Opportunity

The next stage for us is to expand the Fair Model to more countries and industries. We are in the process of approaching this next strategy in a few different ways.

Nurturing ethical recruitment across Asia

We have always tended towards being more open with our direct competitors. This is because our mission is to influence broader market change. The market needs more ethical players, and we want to help those who are willing to do good. 

An example we’re most proud of is Pinkcollar Employment Agency, Malaysia's first ethical domestic worker agency. One of the co-founders of Pinkcollar, Elaine Sim, interned at Fair Employment Agency (FEA) when she first was exploring issues in migrant recruitment. We connected her with her now co-founder, Zenna Law, who reached out to Fair separately. Knowing the thoughtfulness the two of them have towards these issues, we were excited to provide mentorship and guidance on setting up Pinkcollar, and replicating the elements that make FEA successful.

“Pinkcollar launched its services with a tried-and-tested recruitment strategy that we felt confident with, thanks to our mentor, Scott Stiles’ guidance. FEF has helped us set up a strong end-to-end recruitment pipeline that is ethical and responsible.,” Zenna Law.

In 2019, we began building out a plan ... in the Philippines. As one of the largest exporters of migrant workers, the Philippines has the potential to set the standard for ethical migration. We’ve been fortunate to find individuals, each with a strong track record of creating better futures for Filipinos, to join our team.


There is much to work through, but it will be a feat that will affect many receiving-side markets and impact many more migrant workers.




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