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Making employers part of the solution

Employer education

The Problem

One of the things we have believed from the beginning is that most employers want to do the right thing. But hiring and managing someone is hard  - especially when there are cultural and professional gaps to overcome.

On top of this, unscrupulous agencies create failure for profit. 57% of employers we surveyed were not aware of the charging of illegal recruitment fees to migrant domestic workers.

Unfortunately, there is very little guidance on how to navigate this migrant worker hiring and managing. Information provided often involves confusing jargon or are based on misinformation or myths. 

The Opportunity

When people are aware, they set better expectations and create successful employment situations. And when employers know how to hire fairly, they will drive the market demand for ethical options.

We launched the Fair Hiring Pledge, in 2016, as a way to engage corporates and their staff. Companies are increasingly using their position of influence to make the world a better place. We saw an opportunity to create win-win situations by helping companies support their own staff to juggle home life and manage domestic workers fairly.

21 Companies are signatories of the Fair Hiring Pledge

2,200 people educated at Fair Hiring Pledge events

Making Employers Part of the Solution

Since the launch, 21 companies have signed the Pledge. Their public statement of supporting ethical recruitment is a clear message to the community and their own staff.


The Pledge is a valuable way to support staff on healthy home-lives. As part of their commitment, companies host our Lunch & Learn sessions on domestic worker hiring and management. These friendly hour-long sessions make it easy for people to get practical guidance and ask personal questions to our experts. 

To follow on from these sessions, is an online resource for employers of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, Get Answers ( The online portal reaches around 20,000 pageviews per month. A wide range of hiring and managing topics are covered here, including time-sensitive content that may affect workers and employers.

75% found the session added considerable new information on hiring fairly

20,000+ monthly unique views online



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